Nun better– 5 unmissable acts to check out at The Others Way Festival!

Laura takes a look at The Others Way line-up and places her bets on the acts to catch.


Back for another year is The Others Way festival.  Put together by the fine fellows at Flying Out and taking over six K’Road venues The Others Way treats punters to over twenty seven bands for one melodious night on Friday the 1st of September.  My completely personal and biased top five picks follow!

1. Hex


These charmed ones have owned me ever since I heard the psychedelic invokation that is Witches of the Hex—the gothy-metal bass lines and trippy vocals were a beautiful snare. Whether you are looking for a direct line to the power of the waxing moon or hoping to rock out or both Hex will have you covered.


2. Disasteradio


Remember that feeling of joy you got as a kid when riding your bike really fast in the rain? What about the feeling of holding hands with someone you really liked while watching Children of the Corn on VHS? No, me neither—but Disasteradio opens a portal in your chest that leads to a dimension where you have full access to these emotions and many more—plus dancing. Luke Rowell has just released the first new Disasteradio album in seven years and I am ready for it to grab me by my sweaty palm.

Find the new album here


3. Sneaky Feelings


It is a well-known fact that I was born in Dunedin. What is less well known is that babies born in Queen Mary Hospital in the sixties and seventies were subject to secret mind manipulation experiments whereby upon hearing certain combinations of chords they automatically put the kettle on and pull on a jumper in anticipation of enjoying a cuppa in the tepid sunlight. This partly explains my keenness to see Sneaky Feelings play their awesome jangly harmonies in person.



4. Queen Neptune


I want to see these guys play because they are my husband and my sister in band-form. You will want to see them play because they deliver some of the most beautiful and clever songs made by people and machines working together. Ever.


5. Unsanitary Napkin


State of the world got you down? Feel like there is no point to it or you’re all alone in kicking against the pricks? Come and join in the joyous fuck-you that is Unsanitary Napkin. Renew your faith in people and supercharge your armour against the slings and arrows of today’s awful world.

Also always reliable–  salty angels Hopetoun Brown,  smart alecs Street Chant and sugar pops The Courtneys.  Tickets are $69 from the Flying Out store (80 Pitt Street) or online from or !  Who are you guys hanging out to see?



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