Everything but the kitsch-en sink with Danielle Korzeniewski 

Welcome to the sixth installment of Everything But the Kitsch-en Sink. This week American collector Danielle Korzeniewski shows Natasha Francois around her marvellous mid-century abode.
While trawling Instagram one day, I stumbled across the feed of Danielle Korzeniewski and immediately fell head-over-heels for her home which is packed to the rafters with mid-century collectables.
The kitsch-obsessed mother-of-five lives in America’s midwest and hoards everything lemon yellow, aqua and pastel pink and her shelves groan under the weight of her collections which include Pyrex kitchenware, fibreglass lamps, starburst-shaped clocks, whimsical poodle figurines and sought-after anthropomorphic porcelain made by the likes of Lefton and Napco!
Desperate to see more of her home? Step this way!

Although she wasn’t born until 1980, Korzeniewski has a penchant for everything mid-century and lives the vintage lifestyle to the fullest.

A keen thrift-shopper and stay-home mother, Danielle raises five children [ages 2-20] while hubby takes care of the bills. 


“I collect a ton of different things from the 1950s and 60s. Lefton is a very favorite of mine! I love Miss Priss, Thumblina etc (cookie jars, tea sets etc) . I collect Napco Miss Cutie Pie, blue birds and anything aqua.
“However I adore all pink, yellow and aqua from the turn of the century, valuable or not.
“My favorite collection is probably my Lefton/Napco/Enesco /Chase Japan tea-sets, while Pyrex comes second, but really I can’t decide.
“I LOVE LOVE LOVE atomic lamps and have a ton! Yet not enough!”
Pyrex is her first love and is what started the ball rolling.
“When I bought my first piece of Pyrex I had NO IDEA it was so big or even a “thing” to collect Pyrex and slowly I started wanting to do a retro-style diner style kitchen and bought a lot of reproduction offline,” she says.
Thanks to Instagram, she soon realised how phenomenally popular Pyrex was in the antiques and collectables world.
“Seeing other kitschy homes sparked the fire in me and there’s been no turning back.”
The first piece to start her collection was a 403 Amish butter print that was half DWD [dishwasher damaged] which she bought blindly off eBay (“and paid way too much for”)
From there, she purchased several other DWD over priced pieces not realizing the difference.
“So til this day I have my DWD overpriced eBay collection that started it all.”
Danielle finds the bulk of her scores via Facebook, Craigslist and estate sales or eBay.
“Very little do I find at thrift stores as it’s become harder and harder,” she says.
With five kids to run around after, she seldom gets the chance to go treasure-hunting anymore, however she remains passionate about her collections and her goal is to be published in a magazine.
Danielle’s home was recently used by Susanna Vestige as the backdrop for a pinup photo shoot featuring Tami Savoy as the model.
Check out the results below!
“Vintage brings me so much happiness, it doesn’t have to be pink and aqua. I truly love it all! I love the 70s avocado green and oranges too!”
I would drive 400 miles and I would drive 400 more, just to be the woman who scored these incredible lamps ….

When it comes to some of her noteworthy scores, her husband recently drove 900 miles in order to pick up a highly collectable pair of Leslie China atomic lamps. He then went on to drive a further 400 miles in order to collect a 1957 atomic boomerang couch and chair in mint condition!

1957 atomic boomerang couch
Danielle has always had an affinity with “old things- especially children’s items” but it wasn’t until 2013 that she became more focused on collecting vintage.
“I had my first son at 18 and if you look back at his baby pictures you would notice I would thrift a lot of vintage clothes for him and continued to when I could find them easily for all my kids. I’m not sure what the change was exactly…”
Since then her taste hasn’t changed much with the exception of “weeding out reproduction in favor of authentic mid-century.”
“My children have all grown up surrounded by breakable items so they are all used to it and are very good about respecting them. Very little has ever been broken (knock on wood) lol. The one living room set up is just a extra room (we have two other more normal living rooms so the kids freely use those. “



I don’t see any signs of my kids following in our foot steps yet and that’s totally OK if they don’t. They don’t seem to mind it and all their friends seem to love it!”
What do you think of Danielle’s kitschtastic home? Let me know in the comments!
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One thought on “Everything but the kitsch-en sink with Danielle Korzeniewski 

  1. Beautiful collection…and my mother’s maiden name was Korzienowski, I wonder if we are distant relatives? 😉


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