Death is not the end: an interview with Art of Death exhibition curator Rose Jackson

Art of Death curator Rose Jackson chats to Natasha about the inspiration behind the Metropolitan Clubs’ latest exhibition, why taxidermy is enjoying a female-led resurgence, and the life-affirming possibilities, often found in death. ​It’s the 21st century and taxidermy is back in vogue. Gone are the days where gentleman hunters were mounting the spoils of their morbidContinue reading “Death is not the end: an interview with Art of Death exhibition curator Rose Jackson”

Pulp Pictures: the erotic art of Margaret Brundage

Laura Macfehin takes a look at the startling art of Pulp illustrator Margaret Brundage. Margaret Brundage’s art caused shock and consternation in her lifetime, as well as selling countless magazines of fantasy literature and inspiring artists like Frank Frazetti.  She also campaigned for free love, free speech and civil rights in a lifetime that encompassedContinue reading “Pulp Pictures: the erotic art of Margaret Brundage”

Art Attack: Melanie Tangaere Baldwin

Laura Macfehin talks to Gisborne artist Melanie Tangaere Baldwin about her life and work. A lot has happened in Melanie Tangaere Baldwin’s life in the last few years– two new people in the form of her beautiful babies, a move back to her hometown of Gisborne and a new vocation as an artist that isContinue reading “Art Attack: Melanie Tangaere Baldwin”

Art Attack: An interview with Neryl Walker

Melbourne-based artist, illustrator and designer Neryl Walker is all about girls! girls! girls! Neryl Walker has women on the brain! Whether it’s sultry semi-nude ladies draped languidly over sofas, beehived beauties rocking out on guitars, or buxom broads dressed in pussycat outfits – she draws them all! Hers is a distinctive style which recalls commercialContinue reading “Art Attack: An interview with Neryl Walker”

The Art and Work of Nick Rule

Laura talks to Nick Rule about his jewellery, sculpture and how he learnt to make tiny things! I remember the first time I saw Nick Rule’s work– I was amazed that human hands could make anything so tiny and delicate.  It is no secret that we love miniatures at Eclectic Ladyland so I was chuffedContinue reading “The Art and Work of Nick Rule”

Meet the Mad Monster Lady!

Classic movie monsters like the Wolfman, Frankenstein’s Monster and the Phantom of the Opera have had an ardent fanbase from their first appearances on the silver screen; probably because of their ability to evoke terror and sympathy in equal parts.  One such fan is artist Audrey Funk; and her renditions of these monsters on canvasContinue reading “Meet the Mad Monster Lady!”