I love you to death!

Laura Macfehin looks at the horror flicks that best fit your every Valentine’s Day mood. OK, so I’m a little biased in that I truly believe every holiday is made better with a horror film, but I think that a very strong case can be made for horror being the perfect Valentine’s Day match.  SureContinue reading “I love you to death!”

The Gothmother: Maila Nurmi

Before Elvira, before Lily Munster, before Morticia Adams, before Maleficient, there was Vampira. Natasha charts the rise and fall of the original glamour ghoul, Maila Nurmi. Gliding through a corridor billowing with dry ice, the black-clad wraith, lets out a blood-curdling scream. The camera zooms in to focus on her heavily arched black eyebrows, plunging décolletageContinue reading “The Gothmother: Maila Nurmi”

5 Incredible Things People Have Believed About Bananas (that are almost mostly completely untrue)

Laura peels back the layers of banana myth and legend. If you’ve been on the internet for any amount of time over the last year you may have seen ‘warnings’ over the dangers of eating eggs and bananas together.  This hoax, which seems to originated in Bangalore, claimed that the combination makes a ‘fatal poison’Continue reading “5 Incredible Things People Have Believed About Bananas (that are almost mostly completely untrue)”

What’s the Story Mourning Glory?

To say the Victorians were obsessed with death and dying is putting it mildly. However, worse than death was the idea of dying and not being mourned, writes Natasha Francois. She was her Most Eccentric Majesty. The monarch with the stratospherically high morals who gave her name to an entire era was one of theContinue reading “What’s the Story Mourning Glory?”

The Curse of Valentino’s Ring

Rudolph Valentino had the world at his feet when the star of the silver screen met an untimely death.  But did a mysterious ring and it’s supposed curse send him sooner to his grave?  Laura Macfehin looks at the legend of the so-called ‘ring of destiny’ and the troubled lives of the people caught inContinue reading “The Curse of Valentino’s Ring”

Something old, Something strange…

In this edition of Believe It Or Not Laura Macfehin looks into the strange superstitions surrounding wedding dresses! Recently I was lucky enough to see Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film Phantom Thread. I had been a little nervous that the plot might be a bit Pygmalion-ish (which is one of my all time most hatedContinue reading “Something old, Something strange…”

New Zealand’s Most Haunted Hotels

In part three of Believe It Or Not Laura Macfehin dials up some ghoulish room service in five of New Zealand’s haunted hotels! Hotels seem to collect ghost stories like boy scouts around a campfire; maybe because like that campfire in the darkness they give hotels an added frisson that makes the stay that littleContinue reading “New Zealand’s Most Haunted Hotels”