I love you to death!

Laura Macfehin looks at the horror flicks that best fit your every Valentine’s Day mood. OK, so I’m a little biased in that I truly believe every holiday is made better with a horror film, but I think that a very strong case can be made for horror being the perfect Valentine’s Day match.  SureContinue reading “I love you to death!”

Books you’ll love if you love Lovecraft

Before one of the most unexpected posthumous career upturns saw the unknowable Cthulhu suddenly culturally ubiquitous, H. P. Lovecraft (1890-1937) was simply a very odd bod whose work was almost impossible to find in print and who was mainly of interest to other writers of weird fiction. The prolific writer of weird fiction from RhodeContinue reading “Books you’ll love if you love Lovecraft”

Freaky Family Fun: Halloween movies for the whole household

Laura Macfehin lays out some spooky viewing suitable for the whole household. Halloween season is upon us (and yes, it is a season) and if you are considering a family movie night as part of your celebrations here are a couple of suggestions I think are suitable for a wide range of viewers… Frankenweenie (2012)Continue reading “Freaky Family Fun: Halloween movies for the whole household”

What’s the Story Mourning Glory?

To say the Victorians were obsessed with death and dying is putting it mildly. However, worse than death was the idea of dying and not being mourned, writes Natasha Francois. She was her Most Eccentric Majesty. The monarch with the stratospherically high morals who gave her name to an entire era was one of theContinue reading “What’s the Story Mourning Glory?”

The Curse of Valentino’s Ring

Rudolph Valentino had the world at his feet when the star of the silver screen met an untimely death.  But did a mysterious ring and it’s supposed curse send him sooner to his grave?  Laura Macfehin looks at the legend of the so-called ‘ring of destiny’ and the troubled lives of the people caught inContinue reading “The Curse of Valentino’s Ring”

Scary Sisters: New horror directed by women

Laura looks at the current batch of lady horror filmmakers and the terrifying films they are bringing fans! Genre films have always had a little more wriggle room for creators otherwise excluded from the mainstream… which is maybe one of the reasons women have a slightly higher representation as directors here than they have inContinue reading “Scary Sisters: New horror directed by women”

The Case of the Hauraki Sea Serpent

You have likely heard of cryptids such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster or the Jersey Devil.  But what if I told you there were similar strange beasts lurking in your own back yard?  Deep in the bush of the Coromandel Peninsula, beneath the apparently placid waters of the Hauraki Gulf, stalking the desolate hillsContinue reading “The Case of the Hauraki Sea Serpent”

Tears for fears: The Curse of the Crying Boy

Natasha Francois reveals how a mass-produced portrait of a tearful tot blazed a trail across the British Isles – and the tabloids fanned the flames.  On September 4, 1985, Britain’s leading tabloid The Sun, published the tale of a distraught South Yorkshire family whose home of 27 years had been gutted by a mysterious fire.Continue reading “Tears for fears: The Curse of the Crying Boy”