The Handmade’s Tale: Michelle Louise Finnerty

UK-based jewellery designer Michelle Finnerty tells Natasha about her kooky and colourful creations. Whether it’s deco dames, pink flamingos, mid-century cats or kitschy cocktails, Michelle Finnerty draws them all in technicolour before printing them on plastic, cutting them out and baking them until hard. Once bent into the desired shape, they turn into another wearableContinue reading “The Handmade’s Tale: Michelle Louise Finnerty”

The Handmade’s Tale: Miss Lady Abroad

Welcome to the latest instalment of the Handmade’s Tale. This week Natasha talks to pinup girl-turned-jewellery designer Miss Lady Abroad. She’s a mother-of-two, a pinup pageant queen/ organiser and a dedicated pilot for the Australian Air Force. When she’s not on a mission Miss Lady Abroad loves nothing more than hanging out with her family,Continue reading “The Handmade’s Tale: Miss Lady Abroad”

Behind the seams with Frances Gore of Mintage

This week Natasha goes behind the seams with “the Singer Sewing Machine” Frances Gore from Mintage. Auckland-based Frances Gore comes from a long line of crafters, makers and artists. Having collected vintage fabrics since the age of 14, the talented seamstress and singing teacher has always had a passion for making and exploring the tradition,Continue reading “Behind the seams with Frances Gore of Mintage”

The Handmade’s Tale: An interview with Audrey Moorehead from Tee-ki Togs

Welcome to a fresh installment of the Handmade’s Tale–a regular series in which we celebrate crafty ladies! This week Natasha meets international jetsetter, DJ and jewellery designer Audrey Morehead from Tee-ki Togs. Audrey Moorehead might hail from California but her work takes her anywhere the tiki winds blow. Raised in Downey, California, her childhood wasContinue reading “The Handmade’s Tale: An interview with Audrey Moorehead from Tee-ki Togs”

The Handmade’s Tale: Nana Glamour

In this edition of the Handmade’s Tale, Lisa from Nana Glamour tells Natasha about her vintage-inspired creations made from old cards, tatty books, and vintage magazines. Lisa from Nana Glamour could happily spend the rest of her life making hex boxes. “It’s actually ridiculous how much I enjoy this craft and never seem to tire ofContinue reading “The Handmade’s Tale: Nana Glamour”

The Handmade’s Tale: Brimstone Jewellery

Laura talks to Ami Holifield; the creator behind beautiful Brimstone Jewellery. Ami Holifield is something of a renaissance woman– tour manager, stalwart of Art Departments in the New Zealand film industry and creator of beautiful jewellery.  I don’t know how she does it, but I’m glad she does– some of my favourite pieces of jewelleryContinue reading “The Handmade’s Tale: Brimstone Jewellery”

Behind the Seams with de Vol clothing

Laura Macfehin looks ‘Behind the Seams’ at iconic Wellington brand de Vol! I well remember my first de Vol garment– it was a black Jeanie dress my husband bought for me and which miraculously fitted like a glove.  It quickly became my go-to dress because it was so comfortable and easy to wear and wasContinue reading “Behind the Seams with de Vol clothing”

The Handmade’s Tale: Little M Creates

Welcome to the sixth installment of The Handmade’s Tale! This week Natasha meets British-based jewellery maker, Little M Creates. Ever hankered for a brooch featuring Vladmir Tretchikoff’s iconic green lady? Or fancy having Bette Davis’ terrifying visage (circa What Happened to Baby Jane?) swinging from your earlobes? If quirky statement jewellery is up your alley,Continue reading “The Handmade’s Tale: Little M Creates”

The Handmade’s Tale: An interview with CatHouse Modern

In the fifth installment of The Handmade’s Tale, Natasha chats to Kate Smith who creates mid-century modern inspired furniture for the discerning feline. Ever noticed how fugly most cat furniture is? Every time I go shopping for my precious Puss Puss I find myself recoiling at the sheer hideousness of most cat scratchers and catContinue reading “The Handmade’s Tale: An interview with CatHouse Modern”

The Handmade’s Tale: Estelle of Brighton

Welcome to part four of our Handmade’s Tale feature which celebrates crafty and creative women. This week Natasha chats to Estelle Pemberton aka Estelle of Brighton. Napier-based artist and maker Estelle Pemberton has long been a voracious reader of classic literature, as her own library of well-thumbed Penguin classics will attest. As well as beingContinue reading “The Handmade’s Tale: Estelle of Brighton”