The Handmade’s Tale: Brimstone Jewellery

Laura talks to Ami Holifield; the creator behind beautiful Brimstone Jewellery. Ami Holifield is something of a renaissance woman– tour manager, stalwart of Art Departments in the New Zealand film industry and creator of beautiful jewellery.  I don’t know how she does it, but I’m glad she does– some of my favourite pieces of jewelleryContinue reading “The Handmade’s Tale: Brimstone Jewellery”

The Handmade’s Tale: Estelle of Brighton

Welcome to part four of our Handmade’s Tale feature which celebrates crafty and creative women. This week Natasha chats to Estelle Pemberton aka Estelle of Brighton. Napier-based artist and maker Estelle Pemberton has long been a voracious reader of classic literature, as her own library of well-thumbed Penguin classics will attest. As well as beingContinue reading “The Handmade’s Tale: Estelle of Brighton”