In the closet with… Miss Mabel May

Welcome to the latest installment of our regular In the Closet series, this week Natasha meets 1940s enthusiast Miss Mabel May aka Jess Hood.  She’s no purist but 22-year-old Jess Hood prefers her reproduction items to be “as authentic as possible.” “ It can be so difficult to find vintage in my size that isContinue reading “In the closet with… Miss Mabel May”

Everything but the kitsch-en sink with Danielle Korzeniewski 

Welcome to the sixth installment of Everything But the Kitsch-en Sink. This week American collector Danielle Korzeniewski shows Natasha Francois around her marvellous mid-century abode. While trawling Instagram one day, I stumbled across the feed of Danielle Korzeniewski and immediately fell head-over-heels for her home which is packed to the rafters with mid-century collectables. The kitsch-obsessed mother-of-fiveContinue reading “Everything but the kitsch-en sink with Danielle Korzeniewski “

Behind the seams with Frances Gore of Mintage

This week Natasha goes behind the seams with “the Singer Sewing Machine” Frances Gore from Mintage. Auckland-based Frances Gore comes from a long line of crafters, makers and artists. Having collected vintage fabrics since the age of 14, the talented seamstress and singing teacher has always had a passion for making and exploring the tradition,Continue reading “Behind the seams with Frances Gore of Mintage”

The Handmade’s Tale: An interview with Audrey Moorehead from Tee-ki Togs

Welcome to a fresh installment of the Handmade’s Tale–a regular series in which we celebrate crafty ladies! This week Natasha meets international jetsetter, DJ and jewellery designer Audrey Morehead from Tee-ki Togs. Audrey Moorehead might hail from California but her work takes her anywhere the tiki winds blow. Raised in Downey, California, her childhood wasContinue reading “The Handmade’s Tale: An interview with Audrey Moorehead from Tee-ki Togs”

In the Closet with Frith Wilkinson

Welcome to the eighth installment of our In the Closet with series! This week Natasha steps inside the wardrobe of painter Frith Wilkinson. Golden Bay, a remote community in the South Island, is well-known as a haven for alternative lifestylers, artisans and folk living off the grid, so it’s no surprise that self expression and eccentricity are embracedContinue reading “In the Closet with Frith Wilkinson”

In the closet with: Helga von Tiddlehoffen

Welcome to the fifth installment of our In the Closet with series! This week Natasha enters the weird and wonderful world of Helga von Tiddlehoffen. If there ever was a lady more deserving of being featured in this series, it has to be Helga Von Tiddlehoffen! Yes that’s her in the day-glo lime green tights,Continue reading “In the closet with: Helga von Tiddlehoffen”

In the closet with Heather Benzie

In part four of our ‘In the Closet with’… series, Heather Benzie spills her sartorial secrets to Natasha Francois. Vintage doyenne Heather Benzie has a knack for crafting authentic-looking 1940s and 50s high fashion outfits using a hodge podge of vintage, retro and modern items. The Christchurch-based apparel manager happily mixes eras and has aContinue reading “In the closet with Heather Benzie”