Pulp Pictures: the erotic art of Margaret Brundage

Laura Macfehin takes a look at the startling art of Pulp illustrator Margaret Brundage. Margaret Brundage’s art caused shock and consternation in her lifetime, as well as selling countless magazines of fantasy literature and inspiring artists like Frank Frazetti.  She also campaigned for free love, free speech and civil rights in a lifetime that encompassedContinue reading “Pulp Pictures: the erotic art of Margaret Brundage”

5 Incredible Things People Have Believed About Bananas (that are almost mostly completely untrue)

Laura peels back the layers of banana myth and legend. If you’ve been on the internet for any amount of time over the last year you may have seen ‘warnings’ over the dangers of eating eggs and bananas together.  This hoax, which seems to originated in Bangalore, claimed that the combination makes a ‘fatal poison’Continue reading “5 Incredible Things People Have Believed About Bananas (that are almost mostly completely untrue)”

Something old, Something strange…

In this edition of Believe It Or Not Laura Macfehin looks into the strange superstitions surrounding wedding dresses! Recently I was lucky enough to see Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film Phantom Thread. I had been a little nervous that the plot might be a bit Pygmalion-ish (which is one of my all time most hatedContinue reading “Something old, Something strange…”

New Zealand’s Most Haunted Hotels

In part three of Believe It Or Not Laura Macfehin dials up some ghoulish room service in five of New Zealand’s haunted hotels! Hotels seem to collect ghost stories like boy scouts around a campfire; maybe because like that campfire in the darkness they give hotels an added frisson that makes the stay that littleContinue reading “New Zealand’s Most Haunted Hotels”

10 top podcasts to put in your ears!

Laura Macfehin listens in and reports back from the land of podcasting. If you’re not already familiar with podcasts you might ask “What the heck are they and why is that annoying guy at work always talking about them?” Put simply, podcasts are free audio programmes that you can download and listen to whenever youContinue reading “10 top podcasts to put in your ears!”

The Case of the Hauraki Sea Serpent

You have likely heard of cryptids such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster or the Jersey Devil.  But what if I told you there were similar strange beasts lurking in your own back yard?  Deep in the bush of the Coromandel Peninsula, beneath the apparently placid waters of the Hauraki Gulf, stalking the desolate hillsContinue reading “The Case of the Hauraki Sea Serpent”

The Astounding History of the world’s most famous Super-Heroine!

Laura Macfehin brings you up to speed on the polyamorous, feminist and BDSM heavy back story of the most successful female comic book character of all time. “In your satin tights! Fighting for our rights! And the old Red, White and Blue!” So proclaimed the impossibly funky intro to the 1970s New Adventures of WonderContinue reading “The Astounding History of the world’s most famous Super-Heroine!”

How old is your bra?

Love them or hate them– the bra is something most woman wear everyday.  But when did we start doing this, and why?  How old are our bras and why did a garment that can sometimes seem like a torture device actually start off as part of women’s emancipation?  Laura Macfehin looks at bras and tracesContinue reading “How old is your bra?”

The Coney Island Baby who was almost King of the Jungle

Laura Macfehin looks back on body builder Joe Bonomo- how the son of a Candyman almost became the most famous ‘swinger’ of all time! The Sweet Life On a mild summer morning towards the end of the 19th century, a ship was steaming into New York. It had come from Istanbul and the decks were crowdedContinue reading “The Coney Island Baby who was almost King of the Jungle”