The Curse of Valentino’s Ring

Rudolph Valentino had the world at his feet when the star of the silver screen met an untimely death.  But did a mysterious ring and it’s supposed curse send him sooner to his grave?  Laura Macfehin looks at the legend of the so-called ‘ring of destiny’ and the troubled lives of the people caught inContinue reading “The Curse of Valentino’s Ring”

The Coney Island Baby who was almost King of the Jungle

Laura Macfehin looks back on body builder Joe Bonomo- how the son of a Candyman almost became the most famous ‘swinger’ of all time! The Sweet Life On a mild summer morning towards the end of the 19th century, a ship was steaming into New York. It had come from Istanbul and the decks were crowdedContinue reading “The Coney Island Baby who was almost King of the Jungle”

Better call Eddie

For MGM moguls Eddie Mannix and Howard Strickling, dealing with their stars’ dirty laundry was all in a day’s work. Natasha Francois examines the seedy underbelly of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Movie star Thelma Todd’s body was discovered the morning of December 16, 1935 by trusted maid Mae Whitehead. The blonde bombshell was slumped behind the wheelContinue reading “Better call Eddie”