Books you’ll love if you love Lovecraft

Before one of the most unexpected posthumous career upturns saw the unknowable Cthulhu suddenly culturally ubiquitous, H. P. Lovecraft (1890-1937) was simply a very odd bod whose work was almost impossible to find in print and who was mainly of interest to other writers of weird fiction. The prolific writer of weird fiction from RhodeContinue reading “Books you’ll love if you love Lovecraft”

Top picks for the NZIFF 2018

Laura Macfehin highlights her top 20 choices at this year’s New Zealand International Film Festival! The film festival is in full bloom in Auckland, soon to be moving down the line and the array of films as usual is impressive if not overwhelming!  I’ve narrowed down my top 20 choices, and there is something forContinue reading “Top picks for the NZIFF 2018”

Scary Sisters: New horror directed by women

Laura looks at the current batch of lady horror filmmakers and the terrifying films they are bringing fans! Genre films have always had a little more wriggle room for creators otherwise excluded from the mainstream… which is maybe one of the reasons women have a slightly higher representation as directors here than they have inContinue reading “Scary Sisters: New horror directed by women”

Meet the Mad Monster Lady!

Classic movie monsters like the Wolfman, Frankenstein’s Monster and the Phantom of the Opera have had an ardent fanbase from their first appearances on the silver screen; probably because of their ability to evoke terror and sympathy in equal parts.  One such fan is artist Audrey Funk; and her renditions of these monsters on canvasContinue reading “Meet the Mad Monster Lady!”

Ten Tales of the Terrifying and Fantastic

Laura Macfehin shares 10 stories that stay with you long after you’ve closed the book!   I have to say my number one favourite thing to read is spooky short stories.  They are the literary equivalent of comfort food for me–  mashed potatoes in book form.  Ghost stories, stories of magic or horror or the unexplained–IContinue reading “Ten Tales of the Terrifying and Fantastic”

Small Screen Screams

Laura Macfehin retrieves some made-for-television goodness from the golden age of TV movies- resurrecting some her childhood faves and pointing fans to some seventies gems. Goggle Box There was a time when the television set was the central screen in most people’s lives, and broadcast television was what was on it. Before personal computers andContinue reading “Small Screen Screams”