The Art of the Answer Song

Oh answer song, why do I love you so?  The sixties were undoubtedly a great time for pop music… one of the great celebrations of teenage angst where pop stars were able to create these great mythic landscapes where star-crossed lovers lived out extended dramas involving heartbreak, parental disapproval and gory and/or fiery deaths.  TheContinue reading “The Art of the Answer Song”

5 Incredible Things People Have Believed About Bananas (that are almost mostly completely untrue)

Laura peels back the layers of banana myth and legend. If you’ve been on the internet for any amount of time over the last year you may have seen ‘warnings’ over the dangers of eating eggs and bananas together.  This hoax, which seems to originated in Bangalore, claimed that the combination makes a ‘fatal poison’Continue reading “5 Incredible Things People Have Believed About Bananas (that are almost mostly completely untrue)”

Behind the seams with Vivien of Holloway

Natasha meets the wonderfully witty lady behind the Vivien of Holloway empire. It’s not every day that you get to meet the reproduction vintage pioneer behind one of your favourite reproduction clothing labels. Vivien of Holloway is a veritable institution in the vintage world. Since 2000, the label has been serving up only the highestContinue reading “Behind the seams with Vivien of Holloway”

In the closet with Labretta Suede

Welcome to the sixth installment of our In the Closet series! This week Natasha steps inside the exotic wardrobe of Labretta Suede and the Motel 6 frontwoman Labretta Suede. Although we’ve been friends for well over a decade, my first memories of Labretta Suede go back to my teenage years in the early to mid-90s.  EvenContinue reading “In the closet with Labretta Suede”

All Kooped Up: An interview with lounge lothario Koop Kooper

Natasha Francois chats to Cocktail Nation radio host and arbiter of all things swank, Koop Kooper. Koop Kooper vividly recalls visiting his grandparent’s home as a child and being dazzled by the mid-century furniture inside. He would lie on the couch watching old movies from the ’50s and ’60s while his mother and grandmother sippedContinue reading “All Kooped Up: An interview with lounge lothario Koop Kooper”

Nun better– 5 unmissable acts to check out at The Others Way Festival!

Laura takes a look at The Others Way line-up and places her bets on the acts to catch. Back for another year is The Others Way festival.  Put together by the fine fellows at Flying Out and taking over six K’Road venues The Others Way treats punters to over twenty seven bands for one melodiousContinue reading “Nun better– 5 unmissable acts to check out at The Others Way Festival!”