Art Attack: Melanie Tangaere Baldwin

Laura Macfehin talks to Gisborne artist Melanie Tangaere Baldwin about her life and work. A lot has happened in Melanie Tangaere Baldwin’s life in the last few years– two new people in the form of her beautiful babies, a move back to her hometown of Gisborne and a new vocation as an artist that isContinue reading “Art Attack: Melanie Tangaere Baldwin”

Behind the Seams with de Vol clothing

Laura Macfehin looks ‘Behind the Seams’ at iconic Wellington brand de Vol! I well remember my first de Vol garment– it was a black Jeanie dress my husband bought for me and which miraculously fitted like a glove.  It quickly became my go-to dress because it was so comfortable and easy to wear and wasContinue reading “Behind the Seams with de Vol clothing”

New Zealand’s Most Haunted Hotels

In part three of Believe It Or Not Laura Macfehin dials up some ghoulish room service in five of New Zealand’s haunted hotels! Hotels seem to collect ghost stories like boy scouts around a campfire; maybe because like that campfire in the darkness they give hotels an added frisson that makes the stay that littleContinue reading “New Zealand’s Most Haunted Hotels”

The Case of the Hauraki Sea Serpent

You have likely heard of cryptids such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster or the Jersey Devil.  But what if I told you there were similar strange beasts lurking in your own back yard?  Deep in the bush of the Coromandel Peninsula, beneath the apparently placid waters of the Hauraki Gulf, stalking the desolate hillsContinue reading “The Case of the Hauraki Sea Serpent”