In the closet with… Miss Mabel May

Welcome to the latest installment of our regular In the Closet series, this week Natasha meets 1940s enthusiast Miss Mabel May aka Jess Hood.  She’s no purist but 22-year-old Jess Hood prefers her reproduction items to be “as authentic as possible.” “ It can be so difficult to find vintage in my size that isContinue reading “In the closet with… Miss Mabel May”

In the closet with Tannia Lee

This week Natasha enters the psychedelic wardrobe of vintage queen Tannia Lee. Tannia Lee is making Dunedin more colourful, one outfit at a time. The 36-year-old style chameleon, fashion blogger, stylist and market organiser might don an outrageous day-glo knitted sweater dress one day, a Hawaiian maxi teamed with a giant tropical headpiece, the next.Continue reading “In the closet with Tannia Lee”

In the Closet with Miss Hero Holliday

Welcome to the nineth installment of our In the Closet with series! This week Miss Hero Holliday takes Natasha for a stroll in her colourful closet. With her overflowing wardrobe packed with sought-after mid-century novelty print skirts and dresses, her perfectly coiffed scarlet hair, and carefully curated Instagram feed, Amy MacLaine is not your average accountant.Continue reading “In the Closet with Miss Hero Holliday”

In the closet with…Hettie LaBombe

Hettie LaBombe, the flame-haired stand-up bassist and singer from Boom! Boom! Deluxe spills her sartorial secrets. By Natasha Francois By day, she’s a freelance musician, film maker, photographer and music teacher, but by night, you’ll find Hettie LaBombe (aka Henrieta Tornyai) on stage with her neo-rockabilly band Boom! Boom! Deluxe. The flame-haired double bassist adores vintageContinue reading “In the closet with…Hettie LaBombe”

In the Closet with Sarah Corbet

Hamilton-based librarian Sarah Corbet talks to Natasha Francois about why she has a thing for trousers, how a turban teamed with a linen suit turns heads in Countdown and why she’s too poor to be a purist. “When you work in a library, people almost seem to expect the stereotype of the twinset and pearls,”Continue reading “In the Closet with Sarah Corbet”

In the closet with Labretta Suede

Welcome to the sixth installment of our In the Closet series! This week Natasha steps inside the exotic wardrobe of Labretta Suede and the Motel 6 frontwoman Labretta Suede. Although we’ve been friends for well over a decade, my first memories of Labretta Suede go back to my teenage years in the early to mid-90s.  EvenContinue reading “In the closet with Labretta Suede”

In the closet with: Helga von Tiddlehoffen

Welcome to the fifth installment of our In the Closet with series! This week Natasha enters the weird and wonderful world of Helga von Tiddlehoffen. If there ever was a lady more deserving of being featured in this series, it has to be Helga Von Tiddlehoffen! Yes that’s her in the day-glo lime green tights,Continue reading “In the closet with: Helga von Tiddlehoffen”