Something old, Something strange…

In this edition of Believe It Or Not Laura Macfehin looks into the strange superstitions surrounding wedding dresses! Recently I was lucky enough to see Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film Phantom Thread. I had been a little nervous that the plot might be a bit Pygmalion-ish (which is one of my all time most hatedContinue reading “Something old, Something strange…”

Everything but the kitsch-en sink: Emily Twirls

In our fifth installment of Everything But the Kitsch-en Sink, Natasha enters the technicolour world of Emily Twirls. Despite the decade’s reputation for conformity and kitsch, the 1950s was a wildly innovative time. With few buildings to design during World War II, architects and industrial designers such as Eero Saarinen and Joseph Eichler turned their attention to furnitureContinue reading “Everything but the kitsch-en sink: Emily Twirls”

The Handmade’s Tale: Interview with Hey Muchachita!

Welcome to part three of our Handmade’s Tale feature which celebrates crafty and creative women. This week Natasha meets Mexicana-inspired jewellery maker Dani Spadevecchia. It started with a vintage handbag. It was a beautiful black Italian raffia purse with a crocheted shell pattern, dark wood handle and decorative gold studs – and Dani Spadevecchia hadContinue reading “The Handmade’s Tale: Interview with Hey Muchachita!”

5 forms of entertaining we need to bring back now!

Laura Macfehin looks into past modes of entertaining and makes the case for bringing some back! There are things folk have done for fun in the past that shouldn’t be revisited.  Staged train-wrecks, mummy unwrapping parties, tours of asylums– all best left in yesteryear. Okay maybe not the train-wrecks one; that sounds awesome, but definitelyContinue reading “5 forms of entertaining we need to bring back now!”

In the closet with : Jana Bradley

WELCOME TO PART TWO OF A NEW SERIES ABOUT WOMEN AND THEIR VINTAGE WARDROBES! This week, Nelson-based op shop queen Jana Bradley, lets me delve into her eclectic wardrobe. Although I’ve never actually had the pleasure of meeting Jana Bradley in real life, I’ve admired her sartorial style via social media for quite some time.Continue reading “In the closet with : Jana Bradley”

In the closet with: Angela Carter

WELCOME TO PART ONE OF A NEW SERIES ABOUT WOMEN AND THEIR VINTAGE WARDROBES “Fashion is a language. Some know it, some learn it, some never will – like an instinct.” – Edith Head Whangarei-based artist, blogger and seamstress Angela Carter shares her sartorial secrets with Natasha Francois. With her sharp tailored silhouettes and angledContinue reading “In the closet with: Angela Carter”

5 things our grandmothers did with bananas (that we don’t do now!)

“Forty-four times more nutritious than a potato!” Laura delves into the horrors and delights of vintage banana recipes. There is a lot that could (and has) been said about bananas. They have a cultural history loaded with vastly differing attitudes towards race and sexualities that could (and has) filled up many chapters. They have also becomeContinue reading “5 things our grandmothers did with bananas (that we don’t do now!)”